The SEQ Water Grid: Ashgrove to Enoggera Pipeline Upgrade involves building two new sections of underground pipeline and decommissioning our existing water pipeline along Wardell Street.

The $4.2M upgrade will be conducted in three stages:

  • install a new water pipeline link between Bridge Street and Victoria Street, Ashgrove
  • install a new water pipeline between Lloyd Street, Alderley and Pickering Street, Enoggera
  • decommission our existing water pipeline along Wardell Street.

The upgrade will take about nine months and once complete, the new pipeline will play a key role in supplying a reliable drinking water supply to more than 50,000 local consumers.

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Did you know?

  • The water pipeline under Wardell Street was installed in 1940 and is nearing the end of its life.
  • Steel pipes generally last for about 80 years.
  • This pipeline directly supplies residents and businesses in Ashgrove and Mitchelton and supports the reliability of supply to the northern suburbs of Brisbane.
  • It is two kilometres long and supplies more than 50,000 local consumers.
  • The SEQ Water Grid is made up of an extensive network of bulk water infrastructure including more than 600 kilometres of pipeline.
  • Most South East Queenslanders are supplied by the water grid.
  • About 53,000 people live in ‘off-grid’ communities, with water supplied from a local source and treatment plant.

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